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About Us

Enjoy the luxury hotel experience in your own home. Our team of hospitality professionals brings resort-style goods to you.

A message from our Founder, Alan Mindel.

I love the hotel business. It has given me a lifetime of incredible experiences meeting great people and living great stories. Creating a world where we put our guests in absolute comfort has been the honor of my life. To create that world, I have had to buy some great items that were beautiful, comfortable, and durable. Now I want to bring these tools of our luxury world to your home.

I should know. I have toured the manufacturing facilities, I have seen the welds up close, and I also own the pieces. Stylized by our Manhattan-based hotel designer, our unique outdoor furniture provides you a durable luxury product. 

From our furnishings to our tableware, I've spent years looking for the best products to put in our hotels so our guests can truly relax and treat themselves to the luxury they deserve. Now it's time for you to enjoy that same level of quality in your own home.

We hope you enjoy your Samar Imports shopping experience. For me, it has been a passion project. Live well, laugh hard, and love all the time." Al