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Welcome to Samar Imports

Welcome to Samar Imports

The comfort of our home is so important. It can help to create a look and even feel for you, which speaks volumes about who we are as individuals! We're excited that we get the chance in this new curated collection bring some joy into people's lives with items they'll love at an exceptional value - from luxury towels all-the way down through cozy throws or beautiful candles.

My love of design, hotels, and fashion, created the perfect storm. We [Eleventh Floor] are excited to collaborate and style Samar Imports debut collection."

-Tiffany Miller
CEO and Founder of 11th Floor Design


I am in love with my Lola Chaise and Mala Garden Chair. They've been an incredible edition to our new patio. Our favorite part is that if the weather gets too bad they're very easy to just fold and put away.

Karen M.

Well apparently I'm an adult now because I purchased 2 full sets of towels. lol I am really enjoying these. I had no idea that bamboo was a thing with towels but I don't think I can go back now. This has become my home and gym towel set. Love it.

Marti R.

I got my new chairs, and I couldn't be happier. I got the Acapulco chairs, and they were so easy to set up, and wow, are they comfy. I've enjoyed them almost every night since getting them. Shipping took a couple of days, and I got the order tracking pretty quickly.

Tiffany B.

Luxury Look and Feel You Deserve

Luxury Look and Feel You Deserve

Bamboo blend technology is the ultimate in luxury and discreet eco-friendly products. Made with a unique, highly sought-after bamboo blend, these towels are of consistent quality and sizes that can match any bathroom need. A 600 GSM rating means you can expect to enjoy the feel of a towel in a 4-star resort.

This bundle pack includes two amazing bath towels (28" x 57"), perfect for drying off after a shower or wrapping up in after stepping out of the pool at your home - as well as two hand towels (20" x 35") and two washcloths (12" x 12"), which are handy to use on baby's body for getting clean. With an affordable price and stylish design, these bamboo blend towels will make you feel like royalty while minimizing your footprint around your home.

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